Girl awarded £9m after hospital failings led to double leg amputation

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In most cases when we go to a hospital, we usually place our complete trust in the hands of the doctors and nurses. After all, what could possibly go wrong? But come to think of it that the same place you are supposed to seek out for help is the same place that ruins your life. This is exactly what happened to the girl who mistakenly underwent double leg amputation for what was termed as ‘hospital failures.'

The young girl has to cope with her current situation for as long as she lives. She has shown courage and accepted her condition which too many people would have had a hard to come in terms with. It is said that her parents first took her with a frail illness which later turned out to be deadly and life-threatening. This was simply because the doctor made incorrect diagnostics allowing the infection to spread to her limbs. The reality is that without the doctors' negligence she would be having both her legs leading a normal life.

Her parents decided to sue the hospital for the day to day pain their daughter has and is still going through. The incompetence of the hospital management was questioned, and they agreed to be responsible. They then offered their sincere apologies to the family and their young girl. It is said that she has handled the whole situation so calmly and has been able to courageously deal with any form of trauma that has occurred after the horrific accident.

The lawyer representing the family argued that the girl's whole life had been impacted and she can never be the same again. He stated the girl needed special care which the family could not provide for. In light of these revelations, the hospital management decided to come up with a generous offer.

They agreed to pay the girl a total of £9million to cater for her daily expenses, special treatment, and her support for the coming years. As much as this amount is far from what the girl lost, the family felt a form of relief as the can now cater for her medical needs and other special needs. It is quite sad that the young girl went to the hospital with two legs and came out with none.

The magistrate was pleased with how the girl handled the whole situation, and how the personal injury solicitors represented the claim. Her parents can now sleep a little more soundly knowing that justice has been served as much as is possible in the circumstances.

Family awarded 'six figure sum' after death of sepsis patient at Rotherham Hospital

enter image description here Did you know that the simplest mistakes can cost us a lot? The small things that get ignored by doctors in hospitals have cost many patients their lives. This is deemed as pure negligence by the hospital staff. It’s the case with a family who have lost their father through sepsis.

The family awarded ‘six-figure sum' after the death of sepsis patient at Rotherham hospital have undergone unmeasurable pain. The many questions of what if something had been done sooner and right? Would their father still be alive?

Admitting, although, with so much regret, it was the negligence of doctors to attend to this patient who had suffered a series of burns on his left thigh. The patient had sustained these burns when he collapsed in a steam room. He was later admitted to Rotherham for urgent medical attention.

13 days later, the patient had not yet seen a burns specialist. This was alarming as the leg had started being infected. This can be seen from the photos that he had taken of the wound. The patient’s family reported their complaints to the hospital but they were not taken so seriously. The daughter to the patient complained that his father was very much neglected and that she felt that the hospital had let her father down.

During this period, the pensioner suffered cardiac arrest and died. This is because he had already been infected with sepsis. He was pronounced dead on arrival. Five days later, his daughter found out that she was having a baby. When interviewed, she said that her dad would miss the opportunity to pamper his grandchild and that saddened her.

Rotherham Hospital NHS Foundation Trust awarded the family of the deceased a six-figure sum to compensate for their loss. The wife to the deceased decided to quit her job since she did not want to be reminded of the painful circumstances surrounding his death. The woman used to work in a hospital.

In their statement, the Trust accepted responsibility. They noted that their staff was not trained well to deal with sepsis. Some other faults were seen where the staff failed to dressings, blood tests were not checked and senior doctors were not being given the full information.

The family urged other people to be alert and do a follow up on their patients if they see that their patient is not being attended to. This is to avoid going through the emotional turmoil that this family has had to go through.

So far, many medical negligence claims have been reported of patients dying due to negligence by staff. The Trust has however promised that they have looked into the matter. They have brought in new specialists and introduced training for the current workers. Furthermore, the method on how to deal with inpatients who have burns has been modified.

Although it is a good hospital, it cannot afford to have such mishaps especially when the lives of many people are at stake. The hospital apologized to the family and promised to work hard on closing the gaps caused by the staff. This goes out to all other people. They should be aware of their rights and demand quality care while in hospitals. Doing follow-ups and being persistent in a hospital will get one to save the life of their loved ones.